About NextGenSpaceFlight.Com

Human Space Flight As It Enters Its Next Generation….  That is the primary emphasis of this commercial blog and forum — a moderated site that invites thoughtful commentary and content to drive public awareness and excitement about the nation’s new space-faring agenda.

The premise — the bias — underlying this endeavor is a belief that government and public-funding have an indispensable role in advancing the boundaries and vision of space exploration.  In setting and realizing that vision, the nation invests in itself:  engaging large numbers of scientists and engineers in industry and academia to pursue big science, creating new technology and inspiring America’s youth to look up and take the long-view on humanity’s future.

We’ve seeded the site with some examples of the kind of commentary we want to attract.  We challenge you now to submit meaningful comments and to take the time to craft arguments, critiques and analysis worthy of a topic as large as Human Space Flight As It Enters Its Next Generation….

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